Kuhmo & Chamber Music

What a breath of fresh air and relaxing lifestyle! Surrounded with beautiful unspoiled nature, a sandy shore by the lake, and an amazing sunset to boot, this is truly a paradise!


The town of Kuhmo is about 650 kilometers away from Helsinki with the population of 8,500 residents. It belongs to the Kainuu region in the south eastern corner and runs along the Finnish-Russian borderline. Foreigners living in Kuhmo is less than 1% of the population and the majority are from Russia.

Famous Events

The most known international event is the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival held annually during the summer July 14-27, 2019. This year, the festival will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Music lovers and international musicians gather to the east to celebrate the sound of the piano, harpsichord, organ, violin, viola, cello and other instruments. International pianist Izumi Tateno, who have lived in Finland since 1964, and has travelled all over the world to perform in various concerts, will also be performing in the festival.

Yoshiko Arai is a Japanese-born violinist who moved to Finland in 1969. She has recorded a lot of music from the famous artist Sibelius and a respected teacher in the Sibelius Academy She is a founding member of the Jean Sibelius Quartet and the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival together with her husband cello artist Seppo Kimanen. Both of them will perform in the festival.

Getting there and away