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10 ways to keep you and your home warm in winter

Many individuals encounter challenges in acclimating to cold climates, especially in regions such as Finland, known for its severe winters with indoor temperatures dropping significantly. Despite these adversities, several practical strategies can help individuals cope and thrive during winter. The ensuing guidance offers practical suggestions for staying personally warm and your living space throughout the colder months.

Enjoy the heat of the sauna.

In many Finnish households, a sauna holds significant importance for several reasons. Saunas primarily aid in maintaining warmth during the cold winter months. An hour-long session promotes better sleep at night and helps regulate body temperature. Furthermore, utilizing the excess sauna heat can temporarily warm one's home. 

Leave the shower door open.

After showering, allow warm, steamy air to circulate throughout the house.

Let the warm air from the oven spread to the kitchen

Baking oven goodies can also help warm your home. When you have finished cooking in the oven, turn it off and let the door open for a while to let warm air spread to the kitchen.

Wood in the fireplace

Finland is renowned for its abundance of homes, particularly cottages, equipped with fireplaces. If you have access to one, consider igniting some wood and relishing the mesmerizing glow of the fire.

Close the second door.

In most Finnish homes, there are typically two entrance doors. The second door is commonly closed to prevent cold air entering the house. Now would be an opportune moment to shut it if it remains open.

Close the door of extra rooms.

The larger the home, the higher the heating costs. If rooms are seldom used, consider closing the doors and sealing gaps to prevent heat from escaping to the rest of the house.

Carpets on the floor

Walking around the house is more pleasant and comfortable with carpets, which add warmth and enhance the coziness of wooden floors.

Duvets will help you trap heat.

Individuals from warmer climates may not be accustomed to duvet blankets, a common feature in Finnish households. Duvets insulate warmth during sleep or provide comfort indoors during the cold winter.

Wool is the best material for you.

Your home may feel chilly, but you can stay warm by wearing wool garments. Finland is renowned for its wool socks and woolen attire. 

Indulge in cozy drinks and soups.

Consuming warm soups and beverages aids in internal warmth throughout the body. Moreover, it bolsters the immune system, enhancing its ability to combat flu and cold symptoms.


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