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Foreigners in Finland
Photo of a Karaoke Bar in Kamppi, Helsinki

Making new acquaintances in Finland is difficult, especially when you are an adult. Most Finns are introverts and like to stick with familiar people and circles. Without Finnish friends, it's hard to learn Finnish. Maybe you can find your luck and meet new acquaintances in a karaoke bar. It is also a fun way to learn the Finnish language. Also, you will meet the friendliest Finns that are ready to converse with a stranger or even sing a song or two with you. 

Local karaoke bars usually seat less than 30 people, which is why it's intimate and cozy. The bars are situated in your neighborhood area. So it's easy to go there whenever you feel lonely or a need to learn the Finnish language. Most karaoke bars open around 9 pm or 21:00. Some are open around the clock like the Karaokebar Populus in Helsinki. Some are open at 4 pm or 16:00. Most of the karaoke bars close at 2:00 or 5:00 am.

The more you visit a particular karaoke bar, the more you become familiar with the same faces in that specific bar. This way, you might find a friend or other acquaintances and learn the Finnish language as well by singing or listening to Finnish songs. If you do sing a song and your voice is not pitch-perfect, the audience will probably not clap, and they will continue to mind their own business as if you have never sung at all. Perfect right! This way you can always practice and get better at it.

We have gathered some simple verses from famous Finnish karaoke songs that you should try to master in Finnish before heading to the karaoke bars. You can even practice and familiarize yourself with these songs on youtube. 

Aikuinen Nainen- Adult woman

Levoton Tuhkimo is a fast song that is sung and composed by one of the favorite Finnish rock bands in the ’80s called Dingo. The song is singing about a cinderella that makes herself as a martyr. Life is easy when there is someone to love, you don´t need to cry yourself into dreams, independence of the adult woman.