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Historic Fiskars Manor and Village

Fiskars Manor & Village by

Almost all foreigners who live in Finland have seen or already have the orange-handled Fiskars brand scissors, which are famous for their high quality and nice orange color as well. It would be interesting then to know that these famous and well-known orange-handled scissors originated in 1967 in the historic Fiskars village, and it is a nice place worth visiting apart from its history because of these known scissors.

The name of the Fiskars company comes from Fiskars Bruk, who established this old business, and it is amazing to know that it is still active and employs many people in various countries.

We all know some history about the production of iron and the ironworks, and we have read about it at school. Children are particularly passionate about visiting museums, events, workshops, or any happening related to the old iron works and not only to learn about its history but also to do some practical ironwork assisted by the experts. It is another reason to encourage families to visit these kinds of locations and have a pleasant experience at the same time.

Activities and guided tours

Depending on what activities one is interested in, there are several things to see and to do at the village during the visit, such as guided tours, visiting factories, exhibitions, museums, and art galleries, attending workshops or nature activities, and spending time with ourselves, or with family and friends.

For people who want to have a fun family time, with kids and grandparents in particular, the Fiskars playground could be a nice place to consider as worth visiting place.

The Fiskars Manor House

The Manor houses are often prevalent vacation destinations for foreigners and tourists in Finland. It is because of various reasons such as their colors and style, or wooden materials used in them, areas all around the buildings such as green space, wonderful gardens with beautiful flowers and trees, and sometimes old interesting, charming objects and decorations inside the houses such as paintings, vases, plates, etc.

Certainly, the Fiskar Manor House is not an exception; it is beautiful and appealing, and its nice clock tower invites people to see it and get curious to know why it has become a symbol of the Fiskar village.

Many individuals are intrigued by manor houses as an architectural landmarks. They find interest in these properties' design, history, renovation, and modernization. Additionally, they are curious about how they are currently used, such as for celebrations, weddings, and events.

In a charming house like the Fiskar Manor house, for sure, there is much to inspire the artist community as well. Or to find inspiration for kids and young people to get involved in doing artwork, alone or in some collaboration with artisans or other experts in the field.

Fiskars Village is a top cultural destination

The Fiskars Ironworks and Village is a great cultural tourism destination that respects local traditions and lifestyle. It is a beautiful natural and cultural environment that appeals to people of all ages interested in various subjects. The community's continuous development of new products is another incredible reason for their award-winning status. Visitors can get involved and have wonderful experiences trying out these products.

The community of Fiskars village has made sustainability its main focus in various activities, products, food, and materials used. This commitment has resulted in a strong and well-organized community that inspires others. Their efforts were recently recognized when they won the Culture EDEN competition in Finland. The award was presented by Minister for European Affairs, Culture, and Sport Sampo Terho at the Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2018.

Getting there and back

It takes an over an hour drive from Helsinki or you can take a train or bus to Karjaa. In Karjaa, take a taxi or a local bus to travel to Fiskars.


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