Google is closer than you think

Digital skills and staying on top of digital changes are important in life. It's not only beneficial in finding a job but also in the daily aspects of life. Did you know that programming education for children in Finland is already available in some primary schools?

Whether you are an adult or a child, digital literacy and updating it is within reach and in fact, closer than you think. I got lost one time while looking for something fun and useful to do with my eldest son during the autumn holidays and found this interesting place.

The Google Digital Garage is very new, just opened on September 4. This learning space is located at Kluuvikatu 5 and courses held there are designed for students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, kids, and families.

It's a joint project between the City of Helsinki and Google. It's part of the Grow with Google program, which has already helped over 10 million people in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to develop their digital skills.