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Get a profession with a vocational education

Foreigners in Finland
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After upper secondary school, you have two choices, you can enter high school for general education or you can take a vocational education. Vocational schools are for people who already know what they want to be when they grow up or someone that wants a profession. If you dream of becoming a construction worker, hairdresser, a chef, an artist, a media professional, a caregiver, a cleaner, a masseuse, a software engineer (datanomi) or any profession that needs qualification. It might be the ticket to launch the necessary steps of your career path in Finland. You are always able to educate yourself further.

It is also the path to specialize as an expert in a specific field, the vocational school can cater to your need to further develop your professional skills.

Vocational School

Vocational Education is called ammattikoulu in Finnish. It is a faster and practical way to learn about a profession and qualify. While studying, you will also train with companies in your field of trade. For example, if you want to study business. You can be eligible as a business merchant (merkonomi). Still, you can further your studies to become a Bachelor of Business (tradenomi) or Bachelor of Science in Economics (kauppatieteen kandidaatti). After these, there are still higher degrees to pass such as a Master's degree.

How to apply is the general platform to apply for vocational education all over Finland. The joint application period starts every spring, and the study begins in autumn. By applying to the joint application, you are able to apply to mostly every vocational school and also to every high school.

Here are the degrees offered in English allover Finland.

Also, some professions have private institutes where you have to pay a certain fee and education materials. These schools are mostly in the beauty industry, such as hairstylists, cosmetologists, masseuse, etc.


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