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Cynthia, the woman behind Salad Master Finland

I have known Cynthia for a few years, so I didn't hesitate to call her to interview and visit her at the newly established Saladmaster office in Rastila, near Vuosaari in Helsinki City. A happy, smiley face greeted me for a very long time. It's lovely to see businesses that started from scratch grow and flourish, and it's all thanks to the persistent creator behind them. Cynthia is a wonderful woman who managed to move from one Nordic country to another, building a business unknown to most. She managed to withstand the COVID era, and here she is, together with her husband, Danilo Carino, dedicated to change life through Saladmaster in Finland.

Cynthia Carino interview by Foreigners in Finland Magazine

The story begins in Stockholm

Cynthia has been running an Asian store in Stockholm for 15 years. The store has attracted many customers from Asian countries, including the Philippines. Cynthia initially started as a booking partner for Saladmaster, helping another consultant to find families to show a healthy cooking system, only found in Saladmaster.

Saladmaster introduced her to have income opportunity, and she switched to cooking 30 dinners in 90 days as a consultant. Upon completing the challenge, she was awarded free gifts and cookware from Saladmaster, as well as a commission or professional fee. This success led her to reduce her hours at the Asian store and participate in more 30-day cooking challenges.

From the store, I ran to people's houses to change lives. Families can retain a high value of vitamins and minerals when cooking,as high as 93% . It is a tool to be healthy, strengthens our immune system, and helps fight diseases like obesity, cancer, and other digestive problems. I finally realized that this would be the last job I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I sold our Asian store shop and moved to Finland because Finland has no office yet - describes Cynthia.

Making a challenge an opportunity

I came to Finland in January 2020, but we all know everything that happened in 2020. So, I had to leave Finland, and our company did an excellent job that we could do the presentation via zoom. We reached more people via zoom because everyone was home. We could do 8 presentations to 8 different families. People are investing even though they did not see personally or taste the food we cook in Saladmaster. Still, they understood the importance of feeding the family with vitamins and minerals. A lot of people invested in their health through Saladmaster. - outlines Cynthia.

Growing a team of Salad master in Finland

When I came back to Finland after covid, we continue cooking,which enabled us to spread our business to Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Rauma and Lappeenranta. In the beginning, four consultants were cooking together. During covid time, one of our consultants continued cooking even when I was away. She is now in a high position called a distributor, which means she is a dealer in training. In about a year, she will probably get her own office. She is a Filipina named Ara Partanen, who is married to a Finn and works as a mechanical engineer. Her husband knows metals, so he understood the metal quality used in Saladmaster.

At first, Ara wanted to buy only an electric skillet because Finns were not particularly fond of these luxurious items. However, her husband Markku was impressed by the presentation and the very clean 316Ti withTitanium metal used in Saladmaster. He asked me how long it would take to deliver, and I said we could do it within a week. They wanted the cook with Saladmaster as soon as possible to avoid feeding their children with toxins coming from regular pots, so Ara flew to Sweden to pick their Saladmaster-describes Cynthia.

Growing the business

We have cooking shows in Rastila, and you can enjoy the experience of watching us cook and pick up a tip or two. While there is no pressure to make a purchase, we are confident that you will be tempted by the delicious dishes that we create.

Saladmaster is a global brand and is working in cooperation with Diabetes UK and Diabetes USA, with a presence in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. As Filipinos, we specialize in cooking Filipino cuisine. However, when we have guests from Africa, we incorporate African food into our menu. Some of our popular dishes include sisig, pancit luglog, and karekare. Likewise, when hosting guests from the Middle East, we serve their local cuisine. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about different cultures and cuisines.

Our tagline is Change your cookware, change your life. It comes in two ways; the benefit is eating healthy and nutritious food and taking out pollution from ordinary pots and pans. In Saladmaster, selling cookware is 49%, but 51% is the business opportunity you get when you join Saladmaster. You will have time and financial freedom as well as you can be the boss of your own.

Saladmaster as a career

In Saladmaster you don't need to know how to cook. It's easy. “No one is born a great cook, but I can help” says SaladmasterWhen you see our cooking, you put everything in the Saladmaster and switch the fire.


If you do not know how to cook, you can be a good cook. If you are a good cook, you can be the best cook.

Individuals working with Saladmaster can either be entrepreneurs or workers on part time or full time. Saladmasteroperates on commission basis, the commission earned by each consultant is forwarded to our accountant. The accountant calculates the amount to be paid to the consultant based on their tax card, while the company is responsible for any associated social fees. The earnings are not considered salary as they are not regular. However, commissions can exceed salaries and may amount to up to 100 euros per hour.


Salad Master interview by Foreigners in Finland magazine

Saladmaster as a Family Business

Accessing the office and receiving assistance to build your company in Finland is a breeze, just like in Sweden. They will be more than happy to help you, so worry not. Both countries, Finland and Sweden, are Nordic countries and share many similarities. However, they have some differences, such as the language spoken. In Finland, people speak Finnish as well as English or Swedish. As someone who speaks Swedish, I can communicate in Swedish when I visit government office or public places. This helps me to easily understand and communicate with the officials or locals who speak the same language- clarifies Cynthia.


I love Finland because it is very similar to the Nordic countries, with the only difference being the language. Swedish is easy to learn compare to Finnish and English is also widely spoken here. We want more people to know about the wonders of Saladmaster. I am a cook and have worked in an embassy kitchen for thirty years. This transition has been excellent for me, and Saladmaster is easy to use. You can cook any recipe you like; make sure to eliminate the enemies of nutrition, fats, oiland starch. This way, you will be a successful cook, describes Danillo Carino the husband and Saladmaster partner of Cynthia




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