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Asparagus with bacon recipe

Asparagus and bacon recipe by Foreigners in Finland

This recipe is a summer favourite, because it is delicious and it is simple to make. All you need is two ingredients bacon, which will be wrapped around the asparagus. you can bake it in the oven, fry it in a pan or you can enjoy this delicious meal with friends by grilling it in an open fire.





Heat the wooden grill until it is coal.

Wash the asparagus by filling the bowl with cold water and soaking the aspargaus into the bowl. Wait a couple of minutes.

Peel fatter stems of the asparagus to reduce stringy texture by using a vegetable peeler. You can leave the thinner stems of the asparagus as it might easily break.

Cut the buttom part of the asparagus, but leave the tips.

Dry the asparagus with a paper towel.

Wrap the asparagus with bacon and wrap it well so the bacon will not unwrapped itself while grilling.

Heat the asparagus with bacon for about 10-15 minutes or when you can see that the bacon is crispy.


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