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Why are Finns among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world?

Coming to Finland for sure brings the attention to foreigners about drinking coffee and eating Finnish pulla, or korvapuusti (Finnish cinnamon buns), while they learn Finnish language in the numerous courses organised for foreigners in various centres. Often in free language courses or gatherings for foreigners, there is coffee break and easily one can notice the ‘love’ around a warm cup of coffee, chatting, talking about various topics, exchanging smiles with foreigners asking about their home land, their childhood, their memories, their culture, traditions, etc.

Not only in gatherings for foreigners, but also one can easily notice the large number of cafes around the city, in supermarkets, even coffee machines in most places and buildings, markets outdoors, even in time of elections offering coffee to people and moreover.

Well, it would be interesting then to acknowledge that consumption of coffee in Finland is one of the highest in the world.

It would be also fun to use our fantasy and imagination and start to think why? What could be the reason behind this?

Is it the cold temperature during winter and the desire to drink more warm drinks?

Finns are quiet silent people and have a reputation of not talking too much, therefore perhaps the moment of drinking coffee brings some ‘breaking’ silence moments and ways to talk more this way then?

Taste of coffee is different from traditional drinks of Finland during history and this high consumption of coffee could be a high desire of wanting to try something very different?

Dark nights of winter bring some sort of melancholy and drinking coffee, and eating sweets such as a pulla or a korvapuusti brings some sort of ‘happy’ moments for people in Finland?

Does coffee taste good and is it particularly special to Finns?

Coffee company gatherings and relationships, including family or friend gatherings, partying, forgetting difficulties of life this way for some moments, is bringing lonely people hearts closer this way precious and valuable to Finns?

Is coffee linked to creating more work places and bringing more people to try happy coffee mugs such as Moomin mugs as a special treat in Finland and attract people, tourists and foreigners?

Well, it is possible to draw the attention of people to think about all these factors and also asking perhaps as a survey around the city from both Finns and foreigners; researchers of social interactions might be interested to do more investigation on this subject as well and find perhaps meaningful reasons behind high consumption of coffee in Finland. Perhaps this way one can find useful and beneficial information or just simply having fun, why not!

What do you think could be the reason?

In the meantime, let’s find some useful ways to use coffee grounds at home as well, and turn this fun article to something perhaps useful too and spend some moment to look at some use for the coffee grounds at home if possible. Here are 3 ways which one could use coffee grounds:

  • Coffee grounds can be used to compost and to put into the soil in the garden, or plant-pots. Yes, coffee contains some nutrients such as minerals and Bioactive Micronutrients.

  • Coffee grounds can be kept in the kitchen available in some container for cleaning harsh and stubborn dirty parts of the dishes which are hard to clean, or stains on the oven dishes, or stubborn dirts on the stove, oven or any cookware in the kitchen.

  • Coffee grounds have quite a strong smell, sometimes one can use them as odour-remover if there is any bad-unpleasant smell in the kitchen due to cooking, burning food or rotten smell of spoiled food, etc.

Hope you find this article quite entertaining and joyful and perhaps inspiring as well for the next time when you gather with friends or family, you could enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee and have a fun discussion with others about the points mentioned in this article and perhaps discover more ways of using your coffee grounds if other people come up with some new ideas.

Coffee beans are very beautiful to use as decoration too in the house or restaurant, cafe, etc. Therefore next time you make a party celebration, you could use them to decorate your cakes and biscuits as well and create an appealing ‘sweet-time’ with others. Or ask children to participate and create a nice patchwork with coffee beans.

”I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.”

– Lewis Black


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