What to do and where to go on Vappu

There are various events, festivals, concerts and market sales happening for everyone to enjoy. Here are some places you can check out:

Koko perheen Vappurieha (May Day event for whole family)

Espoo, 27 April, 10am-1pm

Espoo Viherkallion asukaspuisto

This event is organized mostly for families with children. It has pony rides, face painting, various games, magician, balloons, sweets and drinks of Vappu. There's usually a fire engine where most children would love to check out, watch all tools and materials used by firemen and ask lots of questions about.

Vappukirppis (May Day market sales)

Helsinki, 27 April, 10am-2pm Helsinki Arabian nuorisotalo

These kinds of events are usually organized in many places around the city. This gives a good opportunity for people to have a table and to sell various items useful for families and for the children's benefit. There are also different activities for children to enjoy and some Vappu treats, snacks, sweets and drinks to enjoy.

Traditional folklore concert and procession

Helsinki, 29 April, 9.30-10.30 am

Lahnalahden leikkipuisto

Check out the starting point and details of the event on the Leikkipuisto Lahnalahti.

Vappurieha (May Day happening)

Helsinki, 29 April, 4-6pm

Helsinki Ruoholahden leikkipuisto

The event is organized by various organizations such as MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) Ruoholahti-Jätkäsaari and local scouts Helsinki Merilokit. The program includes music, balloons, pony rides, and a Vappu buffet. 

Vappu Festival Monday

Espoo, 30 April, 4-7pm 

Ticket price: €5

Lastenkulttuurikeskus Aurora

The event has a cafe and it provides music, art workshops, actor and art tutors for children ages 2-9 years old. Better use public transport to get to the festival since the parking area can get full quite fast because of the limited parking spaces. The transportation is very reliable and runs normally during Vappu Eve and Vappu Day. 

Children Vappu (May Day)

Helsinki, 1 May, usually all day

Linnanmäki Amusement Park

During Vappu, the park has a May Day program for children that includes music and aerial acrobatics. The aerial-acrobatics that includes circus show and techniques combined with modern dance movements and expressions, is situated at Linnanmäki Huvipuiso Park on 30 April and shown at two different times: 15:00 and 19:00. There are also music programs at 16:00 and 18:00, lasting half an hour each. These events are free of charge for visitors, including the entrance fee to the amusement park. Going to Linnanmäki is easy, usually by a bus or tram that goes throughout the city of Helsinki often.

Leikkipuisto Linnunradan Vappujuhla

Helsinki, 30 April, 10-12noon

Leikkipuisto Linnunrata

More information on the FB page

Leikkipuisto Maunulan Perhevappu

Helsinki, 30 April, 10-12noon

Leikkipuisto Maunula

Read more on the event's FB page

Vallilan vapputanssit 2019 (Vallila Vappu dances)

Helsinki, 30 April, 4-8pm

Hartolan Puistikko

Free and is suitable for all ages

Read more on the event's FB page

Vappu parks

Helsinki, 1 May, usually all day