The artist behind the Invisible Empire

Juha's art has always inspired and amazed me. A simple picture of authority, black in black, faceless, emotionless, minimal, and authoritarian. 

The tall artist who has been raised and has lived in the suburbs as a typical Finnish kid has a dark and gloomy imagination. He shares his memories of becoming a horror movie fan as a young boy and typically wearing black clothes for as long as he can remember. Perhaps the opacity of the Finnish fall also has something to do with Juha's art. 

The Invisible Empire started when Juha witnessed the brutality of the police force in Helsinki amongst the protesters. The Finnish police enjoy the trust amongst the population in Finland. According to statistics, 95% of the people in Finland trust the police. However, witnessing an unusual situation from the police force triggered the events of the photo series, the Invisible Empire

How did you become a photographer?

Juha: I wanted to create my images using Photoshop, which was my first interest. I studied as a graphic designer in Tikkurila. As an intern photographer for Imagine Magazine, I made a lot of different varieties of images and also developed my