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Teaming up with Mastering Finland

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Mastering Finland Interview by Foreigners in Finland

We are happy to announce that Foreigners in Finland Online Magazine teamed up with Mastering Finland podcast creators. From now on, you can listen to the easy-going talks hosted by Petra and Jean and their fascinating foreigner and native guests. Let us get to know them first by interviewing Petra.

The story behind Mastering Finland podcast

Petra: It all started when we were still students at the University of Jyväskylä, where we had to write a weekly journal that was mapping our studies and personal development. However, some people like Jean didn't necessarily enjoy the journal's written form and was wishing she could record it instead. That's where the initial idea of recording ourselves came from. One year later (2019), when I visited Jean in Jyväskylä, we were both in a weird space, thinking of what to do with our lives when searching for a job, and then Finland wasn't helping us. And we were tired of that whole situation. So we decided that when nobody will help us, we have to help ourselves and create opportunities and chances for ourselves. That's when we got back to the idea we had a year ago (2018) and decided to record ours and other foreigners' stories because we should be heard - our stories, struggles, and successes.

Who is your audience?

Petra: Our audience is anybody interested in the stories of foreigners living in Finland, our stories, and want to know more about life in Finland, and what to expect when moving here for studies or work. We also provide practical advice related to exchange studies, master's degree studies, working, being unemployed in Finland, adopting a child, getting mental health support, etc.

Our main goal is to make our listeners feel like they belong in a community in Finland and that they are not alone in their struggles, whatever they might be.

What do you hope to achieve with our collaboration?

Petra: We hope that our collaboration with Foreigners in Finland will bring us a chance to build together a more significant community of foreigners and Finns, and maybe even create some bigger projects.

Thank you, Petra, and we are so pleased to get to know you and for the short interview, and yes, we will create more significant and exciting projects in the future.

At the moment, our audience can listen to the Mastering in Finland podcast straight in our website. You might want to listen to Mehri´s interview by Petra and get to know about the team behind Foreigners in Finland.

Stay tuned :-)

More information about Mastering Finland. Go visit



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