Preventing forest fires

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Finland is covered by forests in large parts of its land and considered as one of the most densely forested countries in Europe. Therefore it's crucial to know the safety of forests, particularly forest fires.

Although Finland has done considerable efforts and has handled fighting forest fires pretty well, keeping these under control, we still need to be alert and know the safety rules. We must be constantly mindful and aware of our actions when in the forests and teach the whole family especially children about fire regulations and respecting the nature in general. Enjoying the outdoors comes with taking responsibility and this applies to everyone.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute informs the possible areas of forest fires. Potential forest fire warnings are also broadcasted in daily newspapers and television. It's important to adhere to the warnings before making an open-fire or metsäpalovaroitus.

Open fire- Avotuli

According to the Safety Act , a campfire is an open-fire. Single grills, lightweight, straight to the ground or even disposable grills are considered to be open fires. The general rule is fires that can spread from the ground or those that can cause sparking are open fires. Ground insulated grill, brick or stone fireplace, those that cannot be spread through the ground or due to sparking, are not considered as open fires. 

Important points to take into consideration about safety and fire prevention

The open flame igniter is responsible for the fire and according to rescue law, the penalty is either paying for the fine or according to the damage incurred. Be careful, precocious and always ensure that provision and regulations for fire prevention are compiled before setting an open fire. Check with the park officer to make sure that having a campfire is safe. You also need the permission of the land owners before setting a fire.

The setting of the fire and its location must be in a safe area. It's