Life before and after the stroke

Foreigners in Finland
Photo by Natu Pemo

Natu is not only a gorgeous woman, a tender and gentle mother, a loving wife, and a responsible boss. She is also my dear sister, who has suddenly had a stroke. She has always had a good life, ate healthily, jogged, swam in the ice. If there were any groups at risk for stroke, she certainly wasn't there.

In this post, you get to know Natu, and you will find out what changes in a person after such a severe condition, and the courageous discovery as a stroke survivor.

E: Tell our readers about your background, please.

N: I moved to Finland with my family at the age of 17; I had just graduated from high school.

 I loved that time just after moving, and summer just started, no obligations, that first summer in Finland felt like a long vacation. Of course, I miss old friends, but I spent a lot of time with my family, it was new and wonderful.

E: How did the stroke happen?

N: I got sick last year, one September morning I woke up from the tent, had been 0 degrees at night and it was wonderful to get in and hot shower. My daughter had a sleepover-friend, and in the evening we went to another friend to sing karaoke.

At some point, I started to feel like I didn't see the lyrics properly and the microphone didn't stay right. I moved it to my left hand and continued singing. I didn't think it was something serious. I went to the bathroom, where I noticed that t