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Healthy living begins with us

Sadly, there's a lot of stress in modern society now. We don't always have enough time to spend with loved ones and families, and even for ourselves. Our job and daily commitments create stress and make us forget that our wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle should always come first.

We need to make healthy choices everyday. Only then we would be able to sustain the balance of being healthy, especially in times of chaos around us. When we take care of ourselves continually, we see the benefits within ourselves and our society. Our body needs good and energetic nutrients. Fresh water and clean air starting from the morning until night time. We need rest, a time to relax, recover and regenerate.

Physical activity like a simple everyday walk, biking from one place to another will help sustain your mental and physical health. Doing so will also attract the positive energy of nature that we often take for granted.

The prevention of most diseases starts from here: a good healthy diet and a relaxed but constant physical activity. We should modify our sedentary behavior in the favor of being more in contact with nature and our present selves.

Luckily, the beautiful nature of Finland and its infrastructure allows us to do so. Combining these choices, a good plan of healthy meals and snacks for ourselves and for our family gives us a lot of benefit and joy to live a healthy and balance lifestyle to pass on to our children.

Mehri R.



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