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Comparing five jobs and salaries in Finland

The job market is a competitive place. Finding a job can be challenging, even if you have experience and skills. Every year, companies hire thousands of new employees. While some high-paying positions require years of training and education, many offer similar salaries with less training. Many people can get by with just a high school degree or post-secondary education before entering their field.

Cleaners have the lowest salaries, but the highest potential to earn

It is an essential task that ensures a clean and healthy environment. The ideal cleaning person should exhibit responsibility, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and be able to follow instructions well. Additionally, attention to detail, motivation, and excellent physical condition is crucial as the job demands physical and mental effort. Although some may not enjoy cleaning, it can provide a decent salary and less stress than other jobs. According to Statistics Finland, the average salary for a cleaner is around 1,752–2,492 euros per month. However, it depends on what you clean and where.

It is unfortunate that cleaners often receive low wages when working for others. However, cleaning is a skill that anyone can acquire and specialize in, ultimately building a loyal client base that specifically seeks out their services. By obtaining solid references and cultivating a clientele that values and recommends their work, cleaners can establish their own business and earn a higher income.



School attendant assistants is a full-time work

This job, known as a school attendant assistant or "koulukäyntiavustaja," is ideal for those who enjoy working with children. As the name suggests, it is carried out in schools and involves supporting students who may struggle to learn independently. To be eligible for this position, it is necessary to have a basic degree in social and healthcare. On average, school attendant assistants earn around 2,226 euros per month.

Store Salesperson salary stays the same

At a grocery store, the salespeople are responsible for selling various items to customers. On top of stocking shelves and assisting customers with locating items and checking out, some salespeople may also prepare bakery goods like bread and cakes, while others might price items at the register or package bulk products into smaller portions. According to Duunitori, store cashiers earn an average of 2,379 euros per month, but those who work evenings, weekends, Sundays, and holidays can achieve more. While employers typically offer on-the-job training, many workers gain experience in the field before applying for a job.

Waiters also earn tips

A waiter serves food and drinks to customers in various dining establishments. They take orders, serve meals and beverages, and fulfill patron requests. Waitpersons also have additional responsibilities, such as maintaining cleanliness and assisting with table bussing during slow business periods. A waiter's salary depends on their experience level and place of employment. If you are new to this field, you may start part-time while studying or explore other career options while advancing at work. The average monthly income for waitpersons is approximately 2404 euros per month. In Finland, waitpersons can earn more through tips, which are more commonly given by tourists than locals.

Cooks get double salaries on weekends

Cooks cook food in restaurants, hotels, and other public-serving establishments. They should know cooking techniques, ingredients, and equipment. Cooks can work in different settings and earn an average of 2576 euros monthly. Cooks earn double on Sundays or holidays.

In Finland, most jobs require some level of technical ability. For example, a cleaner should be able to operate a vacuum, dishwasher, and other household appliances. Similarly, a waitperson should know how to use a cashier or order from a tablet. Basic skills like reading, counting, and technical know-how are necessary to perform these jobs.

Various jobs offer similar salaries and benefits, so making an informed decision is crucial. You must carefully evaluate each job's profile and the time required to excel in it before making a decision.



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