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Finland - Ice Hockey Land


Finland won! After so many years, they've finally won with a surprise set of young Finnish ice hockey players who played in different European leagues. The youthful underdogs won sensationally gold against Canada in Bratislava.

It is Finland’s third victory which makes it a historical event. Their last two victories were in 2011 and 1995. This is the second time Head Coach Jukka Jalonen lead the winning team.  

Winning the game has made Marko ’Mörkö’ Anttila a Finnish hero and people are shouting the captain’s name everywhere. This time, the game was a team effort. The Lion team played collectively and there were no known NHL stars in this game which made it one of the magnificent games of all time.

The police estimated about 50000 people flocked to Kaisaniemi Park to greet and celebrate the winning party. President Sauli Niinistö congratulated the winners as the fans chant and shout ice hockey themed songs from the past years.

Det glider in! Ihanat Leijonat Ihanaa! Kaikki peliin!



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