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Changing your first name in Finland

A name is an important part of a person’s identity and can also speaks of one's origin, culture, and sex. And although most people are proud of the names given to them and live up to these names until the end, it's not the case for everyone. For some, they wish to change their names for many reasons, such as part of a change of gender, or because they dislike their current names or maybe for important documents. Fret not, because in Finland, it's possible to change your name.

Names are given by numerous reasons. At times, it's to honor someone close to the family, or recognize an important event or place. Others use names that present a certain kind of uniqueness, or something that represents culture and origin. But sadly, there are names that lack sense and most would think were given thoughtlessly without regard to the person who will carry it throughout their lifetime.

There are countries were changing names is quite impossible due to certain laws and policies. Often, it can also be degrading and humiliating for people who are changing their first names due to their new gender orientation. It can also be very expensive and has a very slow and tedious process. In a lot of ways, it can indirectly affect the lives of people carrying these unwanted names.

According to the maistraatti website, you can change your first name in Finland by sending an application via online, post or visiting the office. Changing your first name costs only 45€ and general names take 1-2 weeks to process. You do not need to be a Finnish citizen either, but you need to live here and be registered in the population information system in Finland.




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