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Celebrating Halloween with a Finnish theme

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Halloween is celebrated in many countries worldwide, each with its unique traditions. However, similarities can be found between Halloween and various traditional festivities commemorating the dead in different countries and cultures, including Finland.

Kekri, a traditional autumn festival celebrated in Finland, marks the end of the working year and celebrates the harvest season. However, the growing popularity of Halloween, a beloved party event for young and internationals, where we can unite with friends, share ghost stories, and indulge in sweets, creating a fun and memorable occasion.

Finland is one of the best places to celebrate Halloween, with its natural dark, spooky and slushy atmosphere in autumn.

Halloween with a Finnish twist by foreignersinfinland

Decorate the house with an eerie Halloween theme

Although we cannot visit our neighbors for trick or treat, we still enjoy celebrating Halloween and Kekri. Decorating our home with spooky Transylvania-inspired decor is always a highlight. Children love to add their touch with Halloween design stickers* or other festive decorations*.

Halloween by Foreigners in Finland

Encouraging Imagination in Kids Through Costume Play

Dressing up has become a widespread interest among kids. They enjoy costumes like Minecraft*, Star Wars*, skeletons*, Dracula*, and witch outfits. These costumes are in high demand for toddlers and school-age children. They can be worn during autumn for the Kekri holiday, Easter for virpominen, and Vappu. In fact, kids can wear them every day if they want to.

Halloween by Foreigners in Finland

A creatively spooky and delicious buffet

A Halloween or Kekri buffet is another way to encourage kids and the whole family to prepare a deliciously spooky buffet. You can offer your guest black salmiakki* or licorice* flavor candies, which is also an odd mixture and weird taste to many foreigners living in Finland. You can do many spooky desserts with strawberry, blueberry, and lingonberry, such as kiisseli. Even though glögi is a traditional Christmas drink, the name alone is a bizarre delight for newcomers in Finland.

Dark metal music for the Halloween vibe

Heavy metal music, with its rough-cut, smoky voices of men and angelic, high-pitched voices of women, is an enigmatic genre that cannot be ignored. Finland has produced some of the best bands in this genre, including Nightwish, HIM, Apocalyptica, and Lord, the winner of the Eurovision contest. These Finnish metal bands have now become an integral part of Halloween celebrations, seamlessly blending the Halloween and Kekri festivities. While foreigners may find this music genre scary, it's a common sight in Finland to see kids listening to this kind of music from a young age.



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