A place of happiness

Would you be happy under the blue sky of Mexico with a glass of margarita in your hand? Or on a white sandy beach in California under a palm tree? Perhaps skiing in hot Dubai? Or is there a place for happiness at all?

What motivates people to travel, study, get married, have kids, or do things they love? Is it because we want to be happy as we endlessly try in our own ways to find the things that we can ultimately define as happiness? Or is it because we want to fulfill the needs that drive us to act on it?

What is happiness and how is it defined? Is it a chemical reaction in the brain or perhaps the production of certain hormones? Is it an unconscious reaction or a conscious awareness of a certain situation?

As Kimmo Takanen, author of the book “Tunne Lukkosi” translated in English as “Feeling your lock”  states:

"True happiness comes from meeting needs." It's quite hard to argue against that. In short, if we get the basic life needs such as oxygen, food, shelter, security, and we feel loved, valued, and have a sense of belongingness and self-fulfillment, then we should be happy.