10 tips to reduce plastic in your kitchen

Are you feed up with the large amount of plastic accumulated, particularly in the kitchen? Wrapping materials, packages for fruits, vegetables, and ready-made foods, plastic containers for washing liquids and detergents. We are drowning in plastic!

Plastics at home means a large amount of material going to rubbish bins, and even if the waste goes into recycle bins it still requires space and time for separating them from the rest of the products (for example some packages contain different material as paper, metal, etc.) All this time and energy could go instead for doing something more useful. In this article, we would like to give you some practical hints in order to reduce the amount of plastic in your kitchen.

1. Think before you buy

Perhaps the largest amount of plastic coming to the house is after everyday shopping which end up in the kitchen. There is really lots of items which are not essential to buy, and they might contain many pieces of plastic in them. Simply think well about your shopping list, watch around the kitchen if there is really need to buy everything on your list, or if it is possible to re-use any object, or repair. Let’s give an example of the plastic brush used in the kitchen regularly, if it looks a bit old or has got spots on it because of high use, simply scrub and wash it well or use some vinegar (natural disinfectant) to clean it and making it look better.

2. Buy unpacked food when possible