What to do with leftover potatoes?

Food and Recipes by Foreigners in Finland

Potatoes are very popular in Finland. They are a part of the leading daily meal for most families. Back in time, potatoes were also highly used, especially in winter, when there were not many fresh vegetables available. Still today, potatoes are among the most versatile and accessible food. Everybody can quickly notice the wide variety of potatoes in the shops classified, such as General potatoes (Yleis peruna), Firm (Kiinteä), and floury (Jauhoinen). It means that they are potatoes for general use, or potatoes with a harder texture suitable for salad or soup, and flour-texture potatoes suitable for making mashed-potato. If you have a family, you may end up cooking a large number of potatoes which are not all eaten then, in this article we would like to give some ideas about what to do with those leftover potatoes.

Potato salad

Potato salad is such an excellent way to use your leftover potatoes, delicious, easy, and appealing. Just use any vegetables you like, chop them all, add to potatoes (made into cubes), plus some delightful salad dressing, you then create a wonderful meal. Use vegetables such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, fresh basil, parsley, dill, or mint for better aroma. As for salad dressing, use your favorite one, or merely some vinegar, salt, and pepper. Here is a recipe for you to try Potato Salad

Potato cakes

You can quickly turn your leftover potatoes to a delicious and yummy looking potato-cakes, or better call it potato-pancakes if you have kids around, to get them excited and willing to eat. Here is a recipe for you to try Potato Cake. 

Mash your potatoes with a fork or by using a potato masher and adding a few spoons warm/boiled water to mash them well. Add one chopped onion and one-two grated carrots, some fresh herbs such as parsley, one spoon tomato puree-concentrate, some chop nuts (optional) such as walnuts or pecan nuts, salt and pepper (optional) to tast