What to do in Easter 2019

In Finland, there are many things to do during Easter such as visiting the museums and churches. You can always go to a cottage retreat, have a barbecue with friends, or go on a picnic in several open parks. Here are some places to visit during the long Easter weekend.

Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm

More info: http://fallkulla.munstadi.fi/english/

Address: Malminkaari 24, 00730 Helsinki

Opening hours: 10-15

Entrance Fee: Free Entrance. HSL ticket cost

Fallkula livestock farm is a 25-minute ride from Helsinki Train Station. Many native farm animals can be seen in Falkkulla such as sheep, goats, cattle, minipigs, ducks, hens, rabbits and horses. While there, enjoy coffee in the Kilikuppila Café.

Winter Garden ( Talvipuutarha)

More info: 09 310 39985

Address: Hammarskjöldintie 1, 00250 Helsinki

Opening hours: 12-16

Entrance Fee: Free Entrance. HSL ticket cost