Vappu 2021

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All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Labor Day is celebrated annually on May 1st as an essential festivity in most countries around the world. In Finland, it is known as Vappu (Valborg in Swedish, the second official language in Finland). It is one of the biggest celebrations of the year next to the Christmas and Easter holidays.

There’s always joy in the simple moments of eating and drinking with family and friends in any celebration. You can read about some exceptional Food and Drinks for Vappu.

This year vappu is to be celebrated in a small gathering rather than as a traditional outdoorsy gathering with a huge crowd, but in intimate surroundings with families and closest friends. However, cities all over Finland are organizing virtual events to celebrate labor day safely. Check out what the capital city of Finland has to offer. This time, you can enjoy the celebrations with family and friends wherever you are in Finland.

Virtual vappu

This year the city of Helsinki is hosting virtual vappu celebrations by holding a free-of-charge virtual concert “Vapun Päällä Vappu” (Literally “Vappu on top of Vappu”).

You can find more information Helsinki Events website about the virtual concert. There are famous Finnish artists from Apulanta to Stig performing at this event.

Since Helsinki encourages the residents to celebrate Vappu this year at a distance, you can find information about the best events, virtual exhibitions, and online festivals of Vappu at home by visiting the Events in Helsinki City.

If you are willing to know about vappu events of other cities than the Helsinki area, please check events online/virtual of your town of interest.

Food makes vappu

The main dishes that you find in a typical Finnish table are sausages with potato salad, for dessert doughnuts, and drink is siima. It is usually straightforward, but foreigners cannot survive vappu without actual food.

If you are interested in ordering food for a vappu celebration at your home or as take away, please check CITY Guide, Wolt, Foodora or take a walk and support your local restaurant.

Happy vappu!