Together with Pride - Helsinki Pride week 2019

Pride is part of a global movement about defending sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual diversity. It gives voices to the LGBTQ community and its minorities.

L stands for Lesbians: women who prefer other women

G stands for Gays: men who are prefer other men

B stands for Bisexual: a person who is attracted to both sexes

T stands for Transgender: a person whose identity does not match with their birth identity

Q stands for queer or questioning: queer refers to the person who is neither heterosexual nor transgender and questioning refers to the people who are still exploring their gender preferences and sexual orientation.

The Pride Movement celebrates equality, fosters inclusion, and recognizes human rights for everyone. It started 50 years ago, 29th of June in 1969 in the United States when LGBT people initiated a riot following a police raid on a gay bar called Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York. According to Bustle, Pride Month is celebrated globally and the name comes from a bisexual woman called Brenda Howard, who was the organizer of the Pride March. It was only 50 years ago when LGBT people were rejected by their families and communities by being who they are. People were oppressed by their religion, laws, and society. LGBT people were jailed for homosexual behavior, sent to mental institutions, and cured or converted just because of their sexuality and identity.

Pride is a march of joy filled with rainbow colors but it also raises the rights of LGBT people all over the world.

Pride events in Finland

Helsinki Pride June 26-30,2019

Helsinki Pride had over 100,000 participants last year. The march starts from the Senate Square to Kaivopuisto Park. The week celebration which started yesterday consists of various programs from discussions, presentations, exhibitions, and workshops organized by Helsinki Pride Yhteisö.

Past Pride Events

Arctic Pride 25.2-3.3.2019

Lahti Pride 15.-25.5.2019

Lappeenranta Pride 8.6.2019

Vaasa Pride 10.-16.6.2019

Pirkanmaan Pride 8.-15.6.2019

Future Pride Events

Loviisa Pride 6.7.2019

Lohja Pride 13.7.2019

Oulu Pride 5.-11.8.2019

Porvoo Pride 17.8.2019

Turku Pride 19.-25.8.2019

Kouvola Pride 24.8.2019

Åland Pride 26.8-1.9.2019

Border Pride 31.8-1.9.2019

Raasepori Pride 7.9.2019