The list of critical professions by the government.

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Photo by Juha Roisko

The government has declared State of Emergency due to the coronavirus. It has shut schools and release heavy prohibitions on Tuesday 16.3.2020.

The government defined critical personnel yesterday 18.3.2020 at 16:00.

The government revised their earlier decision about whose children are able to attend school for contact lessons. On Thursday, March 20 that children who are from grades 1-3 can go to school and eat lunch in school starting on Monday, March 23 from 9:00 to 13:00. However, the government recommends families that are able to take care of their children at home will stay at home and adopt distance learning together with the school.

If you need further assistance we have gathered a list of Contact helplines for coronavirus.

We are publishing the release made by the government word for word.

Government and state leadership

  • Employees of the Office of the President of the Republic, Parliament and the Government (ministries)

  • Employees of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice and the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman

  • Preparedness officers in the administrative branches

Administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance

  • Safeguarding the financial system; ensuring the financial and operational stability of financial market operators (banks, investment firms, infrastructure, etc.), continuity of the provision of financial market services essential to society, and continuity of central government debt management, asset management and guarantee activities

  • Acquisition and allocation of financial resources; Government transactions, including the processing of non-remunerated expenditures (e.g. municipal government subsidies), payment of wages and benefits, payment of citizens’ continuing primary compensations and allowances (statutory insurance pensions, life annuities and assistance pensions)

  • Employees responsible for tax administration, tax collection and rendering of accounts

  • Ensuring the safety of supply chains and goods; operational duties of Customs

  • Provision of state, municipal and intermunicipal ICT services related to securing the vital functions of society, including commercial ICT subcontractors that support the provision of these services.

  • Securing human resources; securing the operational capacity of the Office for the Government as Employer and municipal labour market institutions, securing decision-making related to the use of human resources in the public sector

  • Local government duties that safeguard residents’ wellbeing and basic services

  • Duties of central and local government authorities that are essential for the exercise of public authority, the wellbeing of the public and the functioning of society

Administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice

  • Prison services and institutional staff of the Criminal Sanctions Agency

  • Essential functions of the autonomous region of Åland

Administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior

  • Employees of the Border Guard

  • Employees of the National Police Board, police departments and national police units

  • Employees of the Emergency Response Centre Agency

  • Employees of the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service

  • Employees of the Finnish Immigration Service, reception centres and detention units

  • Rescue services: rescue service and preparedness personnel of Regional State Administrative Agencies, rescue services employees (including emergency medical services and first response personnel), on-call employees of contract fire brigades (including first response personnel)

  • Employees of the Crisis Management Centre

Administrative branch of the Ministry of Defence

Employees of the Defence Forces, at least as concerns the following tasks:

  • Preparedness

  • Supervision and safeguarding of territorial integrity