The great Finnish invention that promotes safety

Among the many amazing inventions of Finland is one that's probably not so ground-breaking for some and rather simple yet it saves lives. Safety reflectors are small, shiny objects that glow in the dark and can be used as adhesive strips, armbands, key rings, etc. This eye-opening invention has reshaped the Finns’ ability to innovate, survive and evolve in such a way that they can live side by side with nature, especially during winter.

The nights of and autumn and winter in Finland starting in October can be tough and extremely dark. It would then be hard for drivers to notice the pedestrians if they are walking along the road or crossing the street, putting both pedestrians and drivers at the high risk of an accident.

Therefore, it's crucial for people to shine brightly and be visible. Carrying reflectors (made of fluorescent materials) will help them shine by reflecting the light back to its source, which in turn provides a way for the drivers to see the moving people in the dark.

The story behind the invention

It might come as a surprise to everyone that the pedestrian reflector was invented in the early 1950s by a Finnish farmer who simply wanted to protect his cart horses and trailers from car collisions in the dark. The name behind the simple yet brilliant solution is Arvi Lehti.