The Government extends Restrictions until May 13, 2020

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Photo by Laura Kotila / Valtioneuvoston Kanslia

The Government released a statement on Tuesday 30, 2020 to extend the restriction end date from April 13 to May 13.

Restrictions have helped slow the spread of coronavirus, and it shows in the latest statistics. This is why the Government will continue restrictions, to continue to slow the spread, sustain the functionality of healthcare centers and their staff, and protect the elderly and people in the risk groups. 

Border Control

Internal border controls and public gatherings will continue to be monitored. The restriction of movement in the EU's external borders remains in place. The Government has also decided to tighten the northern and western borders where border crossing controls will be increased. Business travel will be limited. 

Closure of Uusimaa Borders

According to last week's decision, the closure of Uusimaa will be valid until April 19, 2020. However, the closure of Uusimaa will be continually evaluated and may continue, depending on the situation and recommendations from authorities.

Restaurant Closures

The Government will pass parliamentary decrees to close restaurants across the country. The Parliament will audit the regulation before it enters force. Restaurants all over the country will be required to close for dining in until May 31, 2020, but will still be allowed to provide take away service. The Government recommends that restaurants voluntarily close for dining in, even before the decree is passed by parliament.

Logistics and Travel

The Government has also urgently tightened traffic at the northern and western European borders. Ship and passenger traffic will be closed. Only goods and freight traffic will continue.

Distance Education Continues

Distance education regulations will continue until May 13, which means students from grades 4 and above will be studying at home until then. First to third graders can go to school, but Li Andersson, Minister of Education, recommends that families that can provide distance learning to children should continue to do so.


The Government will increase testing for coronavirus and has systematically added more capacity for testing. Social and Healthcare staff must always be tested if there is any suspicion of illness, says Sanna Marin. This is aligned with previous Council State guidelines.

The government leaders Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni, Minister of Interior Maria Ohisalo, Minister of Education Li Andersson and Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson give recognition to everyone who is helping to fight the coronavirus - from the people who are staying at home and the professionals in their fields who have to do their job.

Source: Valtioneuvosto