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The 3 don'ts of job searching

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Are you currently looking for a job or perhaps an internship? It's not an easy task, but when looking for a new job, remember that you have absolute control over everything you do during a job search. We've all heard about what to do when job searching, but we aren't usually paying attention to the wrong things we shouldn't do.

The worst mistake you can make is to send a disorganized and messy CV to a potential employer. These resumes do not stand out and showcase your strengths. On the other hand, with a clear, trendy, and visual CV, you not only stand out from the crowd, but it's also easier to read. Free visual CV templates can be found at Canva or at Novoresume.

The second error you can make when applying for a job is sending a very long job application, even worse if it has grammar errors. On the other hand, with a short but precise and grammatically correct resume, you have an edge to get to the next step of the process. There is a lot of grammar software that can help you polish your resume, one example is Grammarly.

The last thing you can't afford to do is leave nasty or ugly traces on the web, for example, if you have publicly scolded a former boss or have pictures that should be kept private. Having a positive image or a good profile on the web, such as sharing worthwhile posts or maybe attending relevant seminars, will guarantee the potential employer that you'll somehow be a good fit for the company.

Good luck with your dream job search! 



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