Soltorp forest trail

Photo by Marjaana Tasala / Visit Finland

Summer has finally arrived and one of the best ways to enjoy good weather is to spend some relaxing and fun time in the forests with family and friends. Children usually enjoy playing and running around in green areas and exploring nature. The beautiful nature of Finland offers lots of green areas and forests and these are also usually close to residential areas. The nature trails are excellent places to do various exercises and happy outdoor games with children. They learn more about the forests, how to care for the environment, and know more names of living creatures such as various plants, flowers, bugs and other insects. They find out more about how they affect forests. They can explore the place, smell the forest and listen to the different sounds around them.

Soltorp nature path is situated in the Soltorp Nature Reserve in Hämeenkylä in Vantaa. The activity forest trail is aimed especially for children of ages 4 to 9, but it offers plenty of things and adventures for people of all ages who want to get out of busy life and be in peaceful nature. Soltorp nature trail has a nice location in the middle of an old, impressive forest and a diverse nature reserve. Its beautiful old trees exude a wonderful atmosphere. On the path, children can have a discovery tour in the forest and study different animals and creatures of the forest such as the microscopic world of under the soil and get amazed by the superpowers of bugs and how the other forest creatures function.

One can find information about the path and the forests' animals and, in particular, bugs and insects on electronic book called 'Löytöretki metsään' (Expedition to the forest). The information provided in the book can be applied to other forests too. The Nature Trail's length is 560 meters long and very easy to get around. There's a place to rest and enjoy the picnic foods and drinks as well as the serene, calm, and green atmosphere of the forest for absorbing more positive energy.

Read more information on the map of the Nature Trail. (This is Finnish).


Soltorpin luontopolku,

Kesantotie, 01630 Vantaa

How to get there:  to get to the place by car or public transport, visit

Maintenance: 09 8392 2242 (customer service)

Service: Outhouse/dry toilet, shelter for eating own picnic food

What not to do in nature trail: respect nature, don't leave trash, don't damage forest, trees, animals It's now allowed to make own fireplace in the forest, except in cases when there is specific fireplace made, as many of the nature trails have. Don't make any open fire (not even on built fireplace) during long-lasting, dry season, especially if there is “kulovaroitus” in the area.