Simple ways to celebrate mother´s day

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Here are some tips from our Foreigners in Finland team on how we celebrate Mother's Day. Mother's day can be as any day and is celebrated simply with loved ones that we cherish and bring us joy, our family. 

Mae: Typically, our family goes out to the restaurant to celebrate with relatives. This year, we can't do the same tradition because of the current outbreak, so we *order takeaway through foodora. We decided to have a simple gathering with the grandparents outdoor with food and drinks. After that, all we want to do as a family is relax with board games such as Star of Africa- Afrikan Tähti, Alias and Monopoly, and have a movie night with popcorn.

Juha: We are a family of five. I buy a gift for my wife, and kids make handmade cards. Food is something out of normal weekly food; mother's day is certainly a family time like Christmas. Being with family, relax, and enjoy.

  • Buy a gift

  • Handmade cards

  • Relax and Enjoy

Mehri: We never do anything special for birthdays or Mother days. It is a normal day, like others. If the weather is good, we go for a walk all together in the forest, talk, hang around, we do often anyway. Then at home for a tea or biscuit, as often. Kids usually do cards at school; then, they may play some music. I usually tell them stories of my childhood, about my mother, my grandmother, myself and how our life was, how my mother was, what she did, how and in what life was different, what my mother did in a day. Kids love these real stories of older times, especially if there are things different from the style of life of today; they love to hear them. I love poems, sometimes we read a poem, and I interpret the meaning of it for them.

  • Forest Hike

  • Tea and a Biscuit

  • Entertain with music, poem, and stories

Mercy: We celebrate it usually by starting the day with breakfast in bed for me, then this year girls promised to bake the mothers day cake and for dinner is grilling time. They suggested having a family game outside while grilling, so I'm planning to have the treasure hunting and the mölkky; hope the weather will cooperate.

  • Breakfast in Bed

  • Mother's Day Cake

  • Grilling outdoor

  • Outdoor Games

The most important gift a mother can have is a family that stays together and cherish one another. Happy mothers day to all!

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