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Partying in Finland K-18

Once you reach 18, your nightlife begins, and in Finland, there are different varieties such as dancing in clubs, karaoke bars, drinking and playing games in pubs or going to different live shows. Large cities such as Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere offer more options for fun and music while the smaller towns have lesser selections to choose from.

Age limit

24K is the magic word in Finland which means you can visit all kinds of premises that serve alcohol without worrying about the age limit. But it's still advisable to bring an identification card with you such as passport, driver's license or a Finnish identity card.


Men in black standing by the door usually known as "poke" are the bodyguards that help secure the restaurant and make sure people who are partying there are safe. Obligatory coat checks might cost 2€ or more, and usually in bigger cities, you might need to pay 5€ before entering. Yes, obligatory coat checks ca also happen during the summer even though you only have your t-shirt and shorts on.

The restaurant can sometimes also have separate ticket sales. In bigger cities, ticket sales might cost you about 10-50€ depending on the kind of entertainment you're looking for. The trendier the restaurant, the higher the entrance fees usually are.

Opening and Closing hours

Most clubs opens their doors at 22:00 while pubs and karaoke bars open the doors as early as lunch time. Closing hours of bars and pubs are usually at 12 midnight (24:00) or 02:00 (2am). In Finland, we use the 24 hour clock so it's better to get used to it.

Getting drinks

Buying drinks in Finland is expensive. The cheapest drinks you can find are usually beers. If you don't fancy beers, then you can try long drinks and ciders instead. There are different cocktail versions you can choose from. Classic cocktails are White Russian, Black Russian, Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the beach, and Tequila Sunrise. You can always ask the bartender to whip up a special drink for you, but watch out 'coz it might cost you more than you bargained for. If you like shots, then try it the Finnish way. Fisu is a slang word for a drinkable fisherman's friend pastille and salmiakkikossu which means salt licorice vodka. If you are partying until closing time and you are still thirsty for that one last drink, the bars will serve you for the last 30 minutes before the restaurant closes.

Getting home safely

Taxis will cost a fortune, but it's the fastest route home. Check the prices out and ask for a taxi meter to be safe. You may also opt to get an uber, which is a cheaper option. Another way to get home are affordable night transportations such as buses and trains. Or you can wait until the morning in diners and fast food restaurants.

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