Infectious Disease Allowance for Coronavirus

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The coronavirus is spreading across Finland, and some schools are quarantined. At the moment, there are no deaths in Finland regarding the coronavirus. WHO has also recently declared the coronavirus from epidemic to pandemic as it has spread all over the world.

Our previous article: Finland: Coronavirus is like any virus. Stay calm, clean and prepare talks about protection and prevention. It is why it is essential to stay calm, clean, and wash your hands thoroughly to protect yourself and others. People should not panic, but prevention is the key to sustain the virus from spreading.

It’s still a lottery to live in Finland because the country is prepared when unpredictable changes hit such as the infectious disease allowance that you can apply from KELA.

It compensates you for loss of earnings if you are ordered to be absent from work, quarantine or isolation to prevent the spread of the contagious disease. The earnings will depend if you are an employee or an entrepreneur.

You can also receive the allowance if you are caring for a child under the age of 16 and cannot go to work.

You will need to provide a medical decision of your situation from the doctor in your local municipality or district.

A student that is managing her/ his household may apply for sickness benefit, and if you work part-time, then you may apply for sickness allowance.

Infectious disease daily allowance is full compensation for loss of earnings without any deduction or a maximum period.

More information about the allowance. Visit the Kela website.

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