Helsinki Metropolitan and its provinces will be in lockdown

Coronavirus in Finland
Photo by Juha Roisko

On Wednesday, March 25. The Government released a statement of further restrictions of a lockdown in Uusimaa that will be in force until April 19, 2020. However, this date will be extended if the circumstances require continued restrictions. The restriction of movement will begin on March 27, and the residents in Uusimaa must stay with the province. Uusimaa has the highest rate of infections; it is why the lockdown is presented only in this area. The purpose of the restriction is to prevent the coronavirus from spreading to other regions and burden their healthcare system. The isolation of Uusimaa is done by legal means by activating section 118 of the Emergency Act. Justice Minister Henriksson justified the restrictions on fundamental rights.

"Free movement is an important right, but the right to life is even more significant, " Henriksson defined. The lockdown means that residents' movements from Uusimaa to other regions in Finland are forbidden. The Government urges its Uusimaa residents to come back to their place of residence. "Recreational tourism is not such a reason," declared Prime Minister Sanna Marin. However, the Government did not restrict movement if there is compelling personal reason such as the child's right to visit guardians or death of a relative. People exercising an official authority or statutory duty or performing an essential job is permitted to transit. Essential jobs are those such as in the food sector, water and healthcare, which require a physical presence in the workplace. The transport of freight and the transfer of goods are allowed to move. However, public transport will be further reduced. The police will monitor the compliance, and the police will provide fines for those who do not comply with the restrictions. A written or oral explanation of necessary mobility must be given to the police upon request. The Armed Forces are requested to assist the police at least in traffic control.

Uusimaa Province concerns residents in these areas:

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Karkkila, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo, Siuntio, Tuusula, Vihti, Hanko, Inko, Raasepori, Askola, Myrskylä, Porvoo, Pukkila, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa

Map of Uusimaa

Source: Finnish Government- Valtioneuvosto