Government prepare for Emergency Law

Photo by Juha Roisko: Capital of Helsinki

The Government gathered for a joint meeting with the opposition parties at the House of Estates in Helsinki to discuss more robust measures to decrease the spread of the coronavirus if the current coronary infectious disease law is not sufficient enough. At the moment, the Government has taken steps by recommending the public to ban public gatherings of 500 people, avoid hobbies, international travel, and visits for schools is canceled, and overall traveling is not recommended. People that are returning home from international travel destinations are urged to stay at home for two weeks. The Government also advises companies and public industries to work remotely if possible.

Meanwhile, neighboring countries have close or restrict schools and daycares such as Norway, Switzerland, France, and Estonia. More and more countries restrict traveling, and significant events and public gatherings such as NHL and NBA leagues are canceled to curb the global pandemic crisis.

The representatives of the Government are ready to enact the Emergency Law if the current legislation does not control the spread of the coronavirus. The Emergency Law means that the Government has the power to close schools and daycare centers efficiently and more extensively than the current coronary infectious disease law. However, the parties are undecided when this occurs but would require even more significant consideration and joint decision-making with the President of the Republic and Parliament.

At the moment, the government is positive that everyone will take these recommendations seriously.

Source: MTV 3, Iltalehti 12.3.2020

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