Google boosts investment in Hamina

Written by Mae Lehto, 22.09.2019

by Paweł Czerwiński / Unsplash

According to a Finnish article published last Saturday 21.9 by Helsingin Sanomat, Google will invest €600 million in Hamina's data center. This will boost the total stake in Finland to €2 billion.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai announced the news in a joint press conference held at the Finnish government office together with the Finnish PM Antti Rinne on Friday, September 20. Antti Rinne confirmed that the substantial investment would bring more employment to Finland. Google's press release stated that the move will create an average of 4,300 jobs annually in Finland.

According to a press release by the Finnish government, Google will also invest in two wind power projects that will produce 250 MW of clean electricity. Google has also established an easily accessible skills hub in Helsinki center, the Digital Garage, which aims to provide digital training for the public. Google's CEO Pichai said that they've already trained 5 million people in Europe and that they're interested in continuing the conversation in developing digital skills because it will drive economic growth.

Pichai himself has lived without access to internet and technology. As a young boy, he walked for two hours going to the hospital only to find out that the blood test results for his mother were not yet ready. He had to wait for technology, and when it finally arrived, he understood how it changed his life drastically and the endless possibilities it can create. This is why Google has worked hard to make digital accessible for anyone in the form of Android and Chromebooks.

Google has also stated that it aims to work with different governments and stakeholders to pursue discussions about smart regulations and guidelines for developing AI and other emerging technologies.

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