Get the new HSL travel card easier and faster

HSL (Helsingin Seudun Liikenne) is the Helsinki Region Transport. Every now and then, it renews the fare systems of the city. And this time, there will be A,B,C,D zones and the change will be effective by Saturday, on the 27th of April. There will be disruptions in tickets sales due to system updates hence purchasing tickets from the service points, ticket machines, kiosks, and shops will not be available.

There will no longer be internal and regional tickets. If you want to avoid the crowds and service points, switch to mobile. Through the mobile app, you can purchase a single- , day- , season, and value tickets. Purchasing single tickets from the bus drivers is also possible but will cost more. Download the free-of-charge mobile app to your phone. It helps plan your routes ahead of time by showing the available times and buses to take. The app will automatically convert to the new system by the 27th.

The old HSL cards can be replaced to new cards at R-kioskis, Prisma and K-Citymarket stores, Stockmann department stores, several S-market, Alepa and K-market grocery stores, at some small kiosks, and at HSL and municipal service points. Card values and other information from the old card will be transferred automatically to the new card. The new card works exactly the same way.

Ticket prices of new zones will be more expensive than the previous ones. Internal tickets for adults will change from 2.20€ to 2.80€ and regional tickets for adults will be 4.20€- 4.60€.

If you'd like to know more about the new zones and zone boundaries on map:

Discount ticket and free travel passes

The age limit of the children's ticket will be extended to 17 years old.

All children under 7 years old can still travel for free. Free transport passes are given to blind people living outside HSL municipalities and veterans who are able to travel regardless of their home municipality. The holders needs HSL card to be entitled to the free transport passes.

50% discount tickets will remain the same to pensioners. These are also available for children ages 7-17 years old. Both of these tickets can be purchased via mobile.

45% discount of HSL ticket for students

A full-time student residing in the HSL area is eligible for student discount starting 27 April. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio are considered HSL areas. The student must be 18 years old and studying full-time in a Finnish comprehensive school, secondary school, folk high school, vocational school and universities. The duration of the study must also be one school/academic year which is at least 8 months. Before getting the discount, your enrollment must be verified electronically or by visiting a service point.