Food! Glorious Food!

Starting a food business in Tampere

By Mez Lie

The days of ruisleipä for breakfast, hernekeitto for lunch and lihapullat for dinner have long gone. Nowadays, Tampere’s food scene is bursting with tantalising new offerings from exotic locations around the world. Fluffy pancakes stacked high with smoky bacon and drizzled with maple syrup. Steaming bowls of rich bone broth laden with chewy bouncy noodles and thin melting pieces of pork belly. Sizzling, spicy, saucy servings. Fresh, fiery, full-bodied flavour. Tantalising, tangy treats.

It’s no accident that the increasing variety coincides with growing immigrant numbers in Tampere. A common thread tying new food entrepreneurs together is that their restaurant journeys began because they missed food from their home countries. Unable to find anything authentic, they started cooking it themselves, starting with pop-up kitchens at events such as Finland’s legendary ‘Ravintolapäivä’, Restaurant Day. The popularity of these pop-ups has led to business opportunities for many of these entrepreneurs.

However, starting a new business (especially in a new country) can be challenging! Who can I talk to? What do I need to know? Where can I get information and advice? How do I start? That’s why Cultural Business Training, CBT, was created – to provide personalized knowledge and tools to launch and grow a food business in Finland. The program is supported by the City of Tampere and all the events are FREE, no obligations attached.

So, if you have a food dream (or are just interested in anything food related!), we warmly invite you to attend our next event, ‘Boosting Gastronomy in Tampereat Crazy Town 07 April 2020, from 17:00. We’ll be talking about collaboration and how to promote your business and make it stand out.

The discussion will be followed by a networking event, where you can connect with people in the local food industry as well as people who are going through the journey themselves. Come and meet some of Tampere’s exciting food entrepreneurs!

Our guests of honour are:

  • Mikko Pesonen, a senior advisor at Business Engine

  • Roberto Brandao, a food show host at Bom Apetite, Alfa TV

  • Sami Lappiainen, a local entrepreneur who owns several local restaurants, Gastropub Tuulensuu, Deli 1909 & Wine Bar, Tapas Bar Inez, Gastropub Kaleva and Burger Bar the Bull.

  • Janica Brander, a journalist and blogger,

Snacks will be served by local food entrepreneurs:

  • La Negrita

  • Tapioca Soul

  • Sausage Finland

  • Em's Kitchen

  • 456 degrees

  • Happy Tammy

  • Syyria Nam Nam

  • The Food Palace

  • El Gato Hot Sauce

Guests will be entertained by Ruska – Paloma Catala Parga (flute) and Lago Castro Perez (cello) – Argentina, with a special performance by Roberto Brandao. Gallenciana Crafts will present a labelling and calligraphy exhibition.


Cultural Business Training




Boosting Gastronomy in Tampere’

Crazy Town, Rautatienkatu 21 B, 33100 Tampere

Tuesday 07 April, 2020, 17:00

For any additional questions and details: Ramona Bilmez Selene Gama<