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Finnish Design: Stylish and functional mugs and glasses

Growing up, we used to treat our guests with the best kitchenware available. We had a separate set of diningware for special occasions. These items were not used every day and ended up cluttering the house, stored away in the cupboard. While living in Finland, I noticed that Finnish homes incorporate luxurious items for daily use, which can also be used with guests and on special occasions.

Moomin mugs from Arabia

Muumi mugs are a popular household item that is used daily, both at home and even at work. These mugs were initially priced at around 10 euros, but with their increasing popularity worldwide, they now cost more than 15 euros. The most valuable Moomin mugs can fetch prices ranging from 500€ to 12,000€. Despite their varying prices, the brilliance of the design by Tove Jansson of portraying the beloved Moomin characters in different mug colors makes the design unique and appealing to users. Children, in particular, enjoy drinking from these mugs as they can find a character that resonates with them. As a result, these mugs also make for great gifts for loved ones.

Unikko Mugs by Marimekko

Marimekko is famous for its Unikko pattern, which features bold and colorful flowers. The pattern was designed by Maija Isola, who was interested in incorporating floral themes’ into Marimekko's design world, which previously did not include flowers. Today, the iconic pattern can be found not only on textiles but also on various tableware such as cups, mugs, plates, and more. It has become a staple in the kitchens of many Finns.

Kuksa mugs by Pentik

Anu Pentik, a renowned Finnish designer, has created a contemporary version of the classic Finnish mug known as Kuksa. Originally made from birch bark in Lapland, the modern version of Kuksa is crafted to fit perfectly in the hand, while still paying homage to the traditional design.

Essence wine glasses by Iittala

Alfredo Häberli, a renowned global designer, created an exquisite collection of wine glasses that are both classic and timeless. The Essence collection is a testament to the designer's brilliant idea, which was to craft a set of glasses that could serve a full range of wines. The popularity of these wine glasses in Finnish homes is a tribute to their beautiful design, which is a perfect blend of Nordic simplicity and timelessness.

Eden mug by Pentik

Eden is another Unikko flower design that has become popular among Finnish kitchen tableware collections. It was created by Minna Niskakanka, who aimed to bring a touch of paradise to the table. This design reflects the Nordic approach of combining aesthetics with practicality in everyday life. The ceramic dishes are manufactured in Posio, Finland, and are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

In conclusion, Finnish designs and brands have truly outdone themselves in creating glasses and mugs that add a touch of luxury and beauty to our daily lives. With their unique designs, these products not only serve their functional purpose but also add an element of elegance to any occasion.


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