Finland: Coronavirus is just like any virus. Stay calm, clean and prepare.

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Coronavirus has spread to Italy, North Korea, and all over the world from Wuhan China. There is new news of infection and new cases of quarantines; the latest is in Teneriffe, which is also a top-rated tourist destination for Finns.

The latest news is that a woman in Helsinki has tested positive for Covid-19, says HUS. She is in good condition, and the two people whom she has contact with did not show signs of coronavirus. They are monitored and staying at home.

The risk of infection remains low, and Finland authorities assure that the country is well prepared for the coronavirus and other influenza viruses that hit Finland mostly in spring.

WHO reminds us that 80 percent that has the coronavirus infection gets well without medical help. Only 2% of the population with coronavirus has died. These people are mostly older adults already suffering from long term diseases and are already high-risk patients. On the other hand, healthy people recover from the coronavirus without the need for a hospital bed or medical help.

According to the News in Helsingin Sanomat, Finland has strict laws for preventing the spread of coronavirus. The authorities have the power to shut down public premises such as schools and kindergartens and cancel public gatherings. It is still unlikely to shut down public premises, and it has not happened in Finnish history, not even the time of the swine flu. Finnish authorities do not believe in quarantines, especially when a virus has already spread. The patient with positive tests can be isolated in hospitals and treated accordingly. Other people can be quarantined at home or in their current accommodation and should avoid having visitors around two weeks. After this, the quarantine can be dismantled.

Wash with soap and other preventions

The most effective way to prevent viruses from spreading is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Wash your hand before and after you enter a premise. If you or your child have flu symptoms, do not go to work or school. Stay at home for one extra day to recover. This way, you will prevent viruses from spreading further.


According to THL, symptoms over coronavirus are fever over 38 degrees, cough, and respiratory symptoms. If you feel that you might have contracted the virus, then inform your health care center, and they will provide necessary procedures. Coronavirus, as well as other influenzas, might spread in close contact. It means people that are with you in the same room for about 15 minutes.

Home reserve for a quarantine

A home reserve means to help you and your family for a variety of disorders such as illness, disruption of water or electricity, or disruption in the distribution of goods and other malfunctions that disrupt society. The reserved home-supplies are to be recycled and used all the time and not stand-alone emergency storage.

If there is quarantine, then it might take as long as one to two weeks, which is why It's good to prepare for your household. Here are some tips for reserving at home:

Household foods: Drinkable bottled water or covered containers for water storage, room temperature milk, juice or other drinks, children and baby food, fresh fruits, veggies, frozen and canned goods, soups, bread such as crispbreads, rice cakes, porridge, cereals and flakes, noodles, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, honey, snack bars, biscuits, and chips, pet food

Home Pharmacy: Medicine, first aid kit, iodine tablets (taken only when government order), prescription drugs, mask

Backup power supplies: battery or knob radio, flashlight

Heat sources: matches and candles, ways to cook without electricity

necessities for infants and other vulnerable special groups

Hygiene: toothbrush, sanitary products, soap, hand sanitizers

Cleaning products and equipment: Dishwasher, cleaning detergents wipes, mops, and dustpan

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