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Easter, is a time for renewal

Easter is mostly about welcoming the long-awaited arrival of spring after the cold wintertime and getting ready for the upcoming summer season. There are some beautiful ways of celebrating Easter in Finland, such as planting grass seeds, decorating willow twigs (pajunkissa), dressing up as funny Easter witches, enjoying easter bonfires, and eating a special dessert Mämmi. It’s the time to start planting the seeds of life, happiness, and health when nature awakens.

However, the focus of this article is to look at Easter in a more meaningful way and associate it with springtime and renovation and regeneration. Since nature itself wakes up in its annual cycle, we can look at it symbolically with a hopeful feeling of renewal by allowing our body and mind to ‘wake up and get involved in feeling more refreshed and energetic. Indeed, we know that awakening in this sense into our life can happen at any time if we want. However, springtime invites us and motivates us to make more beneficial changes and bring positive meaning to our lives.

Spring Cleaning

There are preparation rituals for spring in many cultures worldwide, such as cleaning the house from dust clouds and making a deeper clean of our living space. Although people tend to their homes regularly, some areas need to be cleaned more thoroughly. Such as cleaning inside and behind the cabinets and drawers. Clearing spaces and corners that we do not reach or use often.

We can start to do all this work step by step without getting too stressed, begin from something small and try to be consistent with developing more and achieving more enormous changes.

Clearing up the mess and dust helps our overall well-being, benefits our living space, and allows us to experience life as fresh and new.

Discard of excess

To get rid of excess stuff and objects accumulated in the house that holds no past, present, and future value, such as clothes that we don’t wear, toys that are not played with, and appliances that are collecting specks of dust. We can ask friends, neighbors, or relatives if they need them or bring them to donate or to be recycled. And only afterward can we replace and bring new useful stuff into our home which is really required for practical purposes.

Goals for growth

We could work on our thoughts, habits, and routines to feel more youthful and energetic and refresh our minds and bodies. For example, we can start creating new healthy habits such as going outdoors or walking in nature and spending more time with family and friends. In the same way, we clean our homes and bring freshness to our physical environment.

It is never too late to play a musical instrument, learn new artwork, or connect with people by choosing volunteer work or familiarizing yourself with more healthy foods and eco-friendly products.

Personal affirmations

Creating a more positive internal dialogue is extremely important in personal evolution; “The words you hear shape you, but the most important words you hear in your entire life are the words you say to yourself.” Marisa Peer, therapist and best-selling author of ‘I am enough.’

There are many powerful positive affirmations that we can adopt, such as knowing and recognizing talents and abilities and knowing that we are good enough and strong beings. Being the best version of ourselves to be happy and healthy.

We can overcome the challenges of life, and those challenges have a lot of lessons to teach us and therefore makes us a better person and a stronger.

These tips and suggestions could help us take advantage of spring’s flourishing and awakening because nature reminds us about the power of renewal.

Therefore, let’s finish this article by wishing everybody a lovely Easter and Springtime celebration and allowing spring’s awakening to inspire us to make rewarding new changes in our life.


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