Choosing the right phone operator

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There are four major phone operators companies available in Finland. Elisa, Telia, DNA,and *Moi.

Families are paying a considerable amount for telephone numbers and internet connection. I asked a couple of my friends how much they pay for their children’s internet and phone connection. They answered around 20€ to 100€ in a month. My friends have 2-4 kids in their household. Still, that amount is quite a lot because kids do not call anyone nowadays through the standard landline. They usually use the home Wi-Fi while chatting via WhatsApp or messenger with friends and family.

In these pandemic times, I assume that kids use the necessary phone connection for less than 50€ in the whole year because standard calls are used when there is no internet connection. Kids use the phone when they are in the park with friends and ask you if they can still stay longer or in emergencies.

Have you checked how much your kids use the normal message function in their phone to call someone on the basic landline?

We usually pay for expensive phone and internet connections, which cost a minimum of 9€ a month for one child’s mobile phone and an internet connection, and the more children you have, the more the cost rises. Besides, you are probably paying already for a Wi-Fi connection because mostly everything is done digitally in Finland. This cost about 15€ a month. Shopping groceries online, ordering takeaways, and access to banking, education, healthcare, and transportation are all done conveniently online. We should not forget how vital internet security is and cost about 10 euros a month.

Even though communication cost is more expensive abroad than in Finland, a single-parent household with one child contributes to digital and communication expenses for at least 50 euro a month / 600 euro a year.

However, the communication law in Finland states that the law promotes the provision and use of electronic communications services and ensures that communications networks and communications services are available to everyone throughout the country on reasonable terms. The law also aims to provide efficient and uninterrupted radio frequencies, promote competition, and ensure that communications networks and services are technologically advanced, good quality, reliable and secure, and affordable. The law also aims to protect the confidentiality and privacy of electronic communications.

All of our family members over the age of 6 years old need a phone number; without it, no one can contact each other. So why does a simple and basic phone number cost so much? I wonder if we can get a phone number for life because our daily lives belong to our cell phones. Phone numbers are nowadays, like our social security numbers, and we use them to verify different online accounts that we use in our daily lives.

Cons and Pros of Prepaid

The good thing about prepaid is that you can download the amount you will use. The cheapest amount is 7 euro, and it is suitable for kids who do not use phone calls or standard text messaging, instead of a phone number where you can contact them just in case of emergency.

However, if you download 100€ worth of time, it will end after a year. The phone operator is not obliged to inform you if you have used 1€ or 100€. They will just cut the connection after the time limit has passed. It is essential to read the terms and conditions to know when you should add more money for the connection to continue. Yes, the small print. The worst thing that can happen is you will lose your money and phone number. I hope you have saved your contacts directly on your phone or computer.

Nowadays, you can´t register prepaid numbers anymore, which has become inconvenient. It was a way to block unnecessary phone calls from strangers to your children and limit unwanted numbers from abroad or phone numbers that take your money just by calling them.

You can get prepaid numbers quickly and conveniently in any shop without showing any personal information. This way, if you came to Finland temporarily, this is the easiest way to get a phone number.

Monthly Subscription

Elisa, Telia, *DNA, and *Moi can offer a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions mean that you can pay the invoice sent to you, which is why they will need proof that you can do so: a reliable financial statement and ID. How do you choose the best phone network provider for you? The difference between these four is the quality of the connection and pricing. If you live in the Uusimaa area, all of these connections are reliable. If you live in the countryside, choosing the right provider with a good connection is better.

If you already have a phone connection, you might ask your current operator that they will give you the cheapest connection for your child stripped of the internet, data package, and phone calls. A very basic phone number without anything else costs around 3 euro a month depending on your current operator.

This is not advertised anywhere because no one wants to sell a bare and stripped number without a package.


Suppose you are comfy with a package. The packages they offer vary the number of text messages and phone calls, the connection speed, the data package, and if you can call abroad.

Whether you choose Elisa, Telia, DNA, and *Moi. You can always switch from one operator back to the next one without loosing your phone number.