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Check out the library on wheels

In an era of internet and advanced technologies where information is easily accessible through small gadgets on hands, the good old libraries still remain close to the hearts of people in Finland.

Libraries have always played a very important cultural role in Finnish society. These places not only provide information, knowledge, but also various services to support citizens. Aside from loads of books, there are also many activities and events arranged in libraries.

Local city libraries are not only free to use but can also be found in every municipality (kunta in Finnish language). And because they also want bring services to regions where some people might not have access to their own library, they came up with mobile libraries in the form of buses. At the moment, there are about 140 mobile libraries.

These mobile libraries have colorful specific out-cover. They follow their regular routes and stop at specific agreed places such as schools and childcare centers as well with regular visits of 1-2 a week.

Children usually get excited when they see these mobile libraries at the school yard. They would go with friends and teachers who help them choose which books to read.

These mobile libraries carry not only books, but also a variety of magazines, some newspapers and audiovisual materials for people of every age. You can also reserve some book or other reading materials online and collect them at the designated selected mobile library.

Check the timetables of the mobile library in your city/area and find out about their stop points, contact information, and the services they offer. Information on HelMet is also provided in English.



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