5 Virtual Gifts Ideas for Christmas

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The Finnish government has recommended celebrating Christmas distantly and only with the closest family members. Gatherings over ten people are to be avoided to minimize the spread of the corona pandemic. Most of us might not see family members at all, but it's always great to remember them somehow, even in these difficult times. Here are five ideas that might save your Christmas.

Home Cleaning

No one likes cleaning, mostly if you have done it all year. Home cleaning as a Christmas present gives your whole family time to destress. You can order home cleaning for your parents or your children online. One of the largest cleaning companies is *Freska, where you can fill the online application in English.

It´s always great to support small local cleaning companies. They are usually much cheaper also. However, be sure that the cleaning company is registered in the vat registry, then you can deduct some of your cleaning cost through household deduction tax.

Restaurant meal at home

Are you tired of cooking Christmas food? Thank you, *Foodora, Wolt, and ResQ, because their food ordering apps have made it relatively easy to buy food to be delivered directly to our doorstep or pick up on our way home. All we need to do is order online. Why not support local entrepreneurs and order food in the old fashion way by calling your local restaurant provider, most of them probably speak English. It's a good practice to have a conversation with another human being other than Siri and Alexa.

Delicacy basket delivered

Who would not love to get a basket full of delicacies or perhaps necessities? A box of items and other essentials delivered directly to your doorstep. You can always choose what to fill on those boxes. Maybe the grocery store employee might pack it nicely if you say it is a Christmas present to a loved one. Use your imagination and try to think about what practical things the recipient of the gift might need. The basket filled with snacks, cleaning supplies, or all the necessities that we all need to survive for the Christmas holiday. Toilet paper, please!

*Matsmart, Foodie, and K-Ruoka are online grocery stores where you can buy most everything. You have to navigate with the Finnish language and probably use a translation program. However pictures are a great help when navigating through the items and always think positively, maybe you will learn Finnish along the way.

Techy gadgets for the whole family

We surf and use the internet more than ever using different pieces of equipment such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Even our television needs to be smart enough. Our daily world is surrounded by techy gadgets that entertain, help, and connect us with each other. You can find different gadgets such as laptops, smartphones as well as internet and mobile connections in *Elisa Shop, Gigantti, Power and *Macpiste. Another fantastic Christmas present is to give your love-ones an antivirus for their laptop, mobile, and desktop to be safe and secure online. *F-Secure is one of the well-known antivirus providers in Finland, and it is easy to install.